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Meet Our Founder 

Her Story

Hello I am Minister Latisha Lewis and I am the founder and president of Kingdom Living Entertainment group.  I am a firm believer and follower of Jesus Christ.  My number 1 goal in life is to honor God, put him first and to spread the Gospel Truth to as many souls as I possibly can.  Three years ago, I wasn't as passionate about Christ and my duty to the Kingdom as I am now.  I was a traditional conservative Christian on Sundays that occasionally went to church, and on the other days,  I was someone else  cursing, drinking and partying.  I was what most consider a social media influencer and entrepreneur.  I owned a popular athletic apparel company and an online business development academy for small business owners.  Through my mess God still granted me favor by blessing my businesses, but I wasn't happy.  I wasn't happy because  I never fully committed my life to Christ.  God wanted more of me and he knew how to get my attention, Covid19 pandemic hit and it had a negative impact on my health and businesses.  During that time, I isolated myself to try and heal from the damages of Covid19 on my own and it left me powerless.  It wasn't until God used a friend of mine to pour into me everyday with the word of God and remind me of what God's word says I am.  My friend made sure that every conversation that we had about God, made me curious to dig deeper to get to know him.  I began to study and seek him and one day I heard his voice tell me to rid myself of worldly entertainment, music and television.  Wanting to be obedient to God, I did my best to find Christian entertainment that didn't compromise my beliefs.  I found a few that I thoroughly enjoyed but certainly not enough.  I was looking for bible based education through Christian content in various subject matters all in one television network.  I became frustrated trying to find shows that were entertaining but educational, worshipping and teaching and not just motivational speaking and lastly shows that provoke curiosity, change and salvation.  God spoke to me again and told me to start my own Christian TV network, I laughed and said to myself "God you make the impossible, possible and if you supply the opportunity and resources to do it, I will do your will."   In that moment I knew God was up to something and he was going to put me to work for the Kingdom, and he did just that!  Shortly after that encounter with the Holy Spirit,  I became and ordained minister, received an Doctoral degree in Divinity and was  blessed with Kingdom Living Entertainment Television Network.  I had no idea my life would have lead me to this place in ministry.  However, I am committed to the ministry in bringing others to Christ through Kingdom Living Entertainment Television Network.  

God Bless you abundantly,

Dr. Latisha Lewis 

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